The Steps to Manage a Successful Military Relationship

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All relationships require a bit of management from time to time and military relationships are no different – in fact they probably require even more attention to detail. At times military relationships become long-distance relationships, which are always hard on any couple, but it’s especially difficult when you know that your loved one may be in harm’s way. Learning how to deal with these challenges is essential if you want to be truly supportive of each other. Probably one of the most important skills in any military relationship is being able to listen to your partner, not only for the verbal cues, but also for the nonverbal cues. Here are some important things to consider when trying to manage a military relationship.

1.Learning to Deal with Long Deployments

As we’ve alluded to above one of the most difficult things that people involved in a military relationship face is the potential distance that can come between them. As an acting member of the military it’s highly likely that you’ll be deployed overseas at some point and it’s at that point that the strength of your personal relationships are tested. It’s important to remember those you’ve left behind, keep them in your thoughts, and to contact them whenever possible. If you’re the person that’s been left behind the same things apply and you should also keep in mind that while it’s difficult for you, your significant other is facing the same issues in a foreign land.

2.Be Patient When Your Loved One Returns Home from a Deployment

When a loved one returns home after a long absence we’re always tempted to smother them with affection and pry them with a million questions – this is normal human behavior. As tempting as this may be, try to be patient and give your loved one the space they need while they readjust to civilian life. Overseas deployment can be a very traumatic experience especially when you’ve seen people close to you injured or killed. Being patient doesn’t mean ignoring them or not offering them the support they need when they’re going through trials – it simply means not smothering them.

3.Always Try to Savor Every Moment

Being in a military relationship means there is always the potential for heartbreak just around the corner – were not talking about breakups here, were talking about unexpected deployments. When your loved one is called away on duty for an extended period of time that you weren’t expecting try to be understanding and remember that it’s part of their job. You don’t want to allow them to leave on a deployment with lingering animosity between the two of you– this is how relationships get damaged permanently.

There is no doubt that military relationships have some very unique challenges that the rest of the civilian population may not understand, but that doesn’t mean that these relationships cannot be just as successful. The key thing to keep in mind is that there’s often going to be distance between you and your loved one due to the nature of military life, you just have to learn how to manage it properly.