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Review Details of Military Passions

There are a lot of us that simply can’t resist a man or woman in uniform – it probably has a lot to do with the symbolism of bravery they represent. If this accurately describes you and you’ve always preferred dating members of the military then a great place to start is Militarypassions.com. This site has been providing a platform for military members and those that are attracted to them to meet since 2004. In that time they’ve developed a highly professional dating service for people just like you.

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Special Features

  • Militarypassions.com is a pretty impressive site for something that’s 100% free. It is of course part of the larger passions network which opens up literally hundreds of different options for you if you decide you want to try something different and it has lots of unique features to make your military dating experience a successful one. In addition to the great search options you’d expect on any respectable dating site, they also have some great books and videos that you can access through their site. If you want to get involved with other members of the site before you commit to any one-on-one personal conversations there are also some great forums and blogs to choose from as well.

Membership Details and Basic Features

  • As we’ve alluded to above membership is completely free on the site, although you will have to put up with a lot of ads. If this is something that tends to get on your nerves you can remove the ads at a cost of $4.95. In my experience they weren’t all that significant though, but of course this is an individual decision. When you consider that you are allowed access to all the communication tools that they offer including direct emails the ad seem like a minor inconvenience.
  • The one thing to keep in mind though is that you are limited to 10 emails per day – at least when emailing people that have not favorited you. If they have, you can send them unlimited emails to your hearts content. There’s also a chat option, but you have to include a photo in your profile before you can use this option.

Basic Membership

The other thing to keep in mind when signing up is that you will not be able to send emails until you’ve been a member of the site for at least 24 hours. It seems pretty clear that they’ve done this in order to prevent disinterested or casual users from clogging up the site and wasting the time of people that are actually using the service legitimately. As we begin to move on you’ll see that were going nowhere because I don’t know what’s going on here it keeps on going about a block

Sending Gifts

If you’re not quite ready to get involved in direct conversations, but you do want to let another member know that you’re interested in them you can send them virtual gifts as a way of expressing your interest. It’s sort of a low risk approach the let you break the ice.

Verifying Information

As a free service Militarypassions.com does not have the stringent verification process you’ll find in other dating sites, but as we’ve mentioned above they do require you to wait 24 hours before you can begin sending emails to other members and you have to submit a photo before you can begin using instant chat service.

Getting Inspiration and Confidence

You might’ve guessed by the word passion in the name of this dating site that they’re pretty passionate about what they do. As such they off are all kinds of avenues for you to explore to gain inspiration and confidence before you begin dating on the site. As we’ve mentioned above there are blogs and forums, books and videos, and there’s also a great dating tips section. You can even submit your own videos to the video section if you want to.

Paid Membership Benefits

Removing Ads

Addressing Privacy Concerns

While Militarypassions.com may not have a full information verification process they do have some pretty stringent guidelines when it comes to your privacy. You can updates or even delete your membership information at any time at your request, they do not share your personal data, and they do not allow add companies to collect data through their service.

The Verdict

Making the decision to give a dating site a try is a good choice for anybody, but especially for those interested in niche dating sites such as military dating sites. It’s not always easy to find someone by traditional dating methods in a specific niche. Militarysinglesconnection.com is one of the better choices when it comes to military dating sites with a range of features to make your dating life much more fun.


Overall Rating