Hero Dating App Review

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Have you been waiting for your own Hero for ages with no good results? Have you been dreaming constantly about meeting that perfect guy who will save your day and life or just wanted to feel loved and be with a guy who knows how to wear a uniform? If you answer YES to at least one of those questions, we have something special for YOU!

Hero is a free to download dating application for all uniform guys and ladies who are in willing to step into “army life” with them.

Hero is a great dating space for all of YOU who are wearing uniforms. Doesn’t matter if you are a nurse, police officer, army guy or a fireman.

If uniform makes you feeling unique and attractive, this dating app is for you.

Look and Feel
Starting application for the first time will lead you to registration process which is super easy and won’t take long. It’s a very easy to bear and intuitional app, which won't give you any problem to get start with. Basic information and pic call be added in a matter of few clicks. App has nice background colours and easy to notice menu functions. The pink layout of the entire app gives a bit of erotic feeling to it, which is great.

Hero is free to download and works best on iOS 8.0 or later version.

Key Features
Hero is an app related to any kind of uniform dating; it’s very intuitional and easy to navigate. It has a bunch of great features to help busy people who are serving in the army or public services to make their dating life much easier.

Special feature and a little game called “Spark” is very similar to famous Tinder mechanism, where you can simply swipe right or left in order to find a match, or show to someone that you are not really interested in meeting that particular person. If both of you swipe YES then it’s a match and you can start flirting and having fun.

Start free conversations easily, browse thousands of profiles to find a perfect lady or gentleman wearing a uniform. It has never been that easy!

If you are more concern about privacy which is crucial in uniform lifestyle, do not worry much about it! Hope gives you free hands to set up your privacy and hide uncomfortable information.

Hope is free of charge app; however some features might not be unlocked for fee users. If you are willing to upgrade account, it will cost you ONLY $9.99 for a 1-month subscription.

Pros and Cons
-Works great on iOS
-Thousands of profiles to browse
-Easy communication system
-Free to download
-Match-matching game
-Great app for ANY kind of uniform dating
-Easy to use interface

-Not all features are unlocked in a free version
-Available only for iOS

Final Words
Hero is a very nice dating app for uniforms which give you maximum independence and flow into your dating life. Advanced privacy settings and easy to follow users interface will help you to find a perfect match. Even though you do not serve in the army you still have a chance to hang out with man and woman in uniform, it’s a very good way to connect military singles that have the same tastes.


Overall Rating