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Review Details of Military Cupid

Militarycupid.com is a great niche dating site specifically focusing on bringing military people together. Dating someone in the military, or trying to date while in the military, brings with it its own unique challenges – it’s not something everyone can handle. That’s where a site like Militarycupid.com comes in. This is a site where military people and those that love the military lifestyle can come together to find a perfect match. With over 400,000 members and almost 10 years of experience in the military dating niche you can be confident that they know what they’re doing.

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Special Features

  • Militarycupid.com is not short of unique features that make this one of the best dating sites in the military niche. You have the ability to show interest in any member, add them to your favorites, or participate in instant messaging with them – all by simply clicking on buttons located within their profile snapshot.

Membership Details and Basic Features

  • The standard basic membership is completely free and allows you to get a good feel for what the website has to offer. With this basic membership you can perform simple searches, view member profiles, and send interests to other members. If you want to be able to communicate directly with members though you will have to upgrade to a gold or platinum membership. These are available in either one month terms, three month terms, or 12 month terms.
  • With the basic membership you do have the ability to upload photos as well. You can also respond to communications that are sent to you but you cannot initiate them. In order to gain access to advanced features such as the ability to initiate communications and the opportunity to rank above other members and searches you will have to upgrade to a paid membership.

Gold Membership

Platinum Membership

Basic Membership

As we’ve already indicated a basic membership is very limited in what you can do, but it is a good way to take a tour of the site and see if you like the format. It will also allow you to take a look at member profiles, which is a good way to get a feel for the type of members that are in your area.

Sending Interests

The ability to send interests is a pretty cool feature for basic members as well as subscribed members. It’s a simple process it’s just a matter of clicking on a button provided at the bottom of each member’s profile. It’s then up to the other member if they want to respond to your show of interest – it’s what you’d call an icebreaker.

Verifying Information

If you want to be able to put other members at ease that you are who you say you are you can upload your passport, driver’s license, ID card, and of course your photo. It also helps if you make sure you answer all of the membership questions completely and truthfully.

Getting Inspiration and Confidence

Getting involved with the online dating world can be a nerve-racking experience if you’ve never been involved with it before, but a great site like Militarycupid.com does a few things that will put your mind at ease. For one thing they have a great success stories page which you can access any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of any page and they also have a great dating safety link which provides you with ideas on the things to consider when getting involved with someone through online dating. As we’ve mentioned above to you can also send interests which allows you to sort of feel someone out without making a major commitment.

Gold and Platinum Membership Benefits

The gold and platinum members get a few extra perks that aren’t available to basic free members – not least of which is the ability to initiate communications with other members. They can also have their profile moved to the top of searches performed by other members in order to have a better chance of meeting the right person. You also get doubly the profile space, a VIP highlighting, as well as exclusive search features.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

As we’ve mentioned above there is a verification process that allows members to submit their identification to prove who they are – so if you want to be sure that a member his who they say they are look for these verification processes. They also have a full privacy policy which is easily accessible.

The Verdict

Militarycupid.com is a great choice for military members and people wanting to become romantically involved with military members to meet and date. With over 400,000 members there’s a good chance you’ll find the right person and near you. It has some great features, and great privacy protection to keep you safe.


Overall Rating