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Review Details of Military Singles

As a member of the military you may find it difficult finding the time to start a new relationship due to frequent deployments and military commitments, but there are people out there that are looking for someone just like you and the site Militarysingles.com is a great place to find these people. This site has been bringing military singles together since the turn-of-the-century and has a lot of experience in this area. When you consider this along with the fact that a membership is 100% free to sign up for, there seems no real reason not to give the site a try.

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Special Features

  • When it comes to dating sites Militarysingles.com has an abundance of features that makes it competitive with any other dating site in this niche. The site includes the ability to send links to members you’re interested in, you can also favorite other members not only too express your interest but also to be able to quickly find them again later on, and they also have a feature that allows you to view members that are actually on line right now.

Membership Details and Basic Features

  • While the basic membership is completely free it is fairly limited. With a basic membership you can set up your profile, add a photo, perform basic searches of other members, and you can send emails. That may sound like a lot, but unfortunately while you can send emails you cannot read them. If you want to actually be able to read emails that are sent to you will have to upgrade to a gold membership. As we’ve indicated above Gold memberships are available on a single month basis, a 3 month basis, a 6 month basis, and a 1 year basis.
  • In spite of the limitations of a basic membership is an excellent way to get a feel for the sites overall compatibility with your needs. You can also get an idea of how many members are actually in your area and if it’s worth signing up for a paid membership. For the most part you’ll find it has an extensive membership database and you’re likely to find a lot of matches in your area.


Basic Membership

With the basic membership you will have access to the sites safety points as well as an extensive help section. You can also contact the sites administrators if you require help.

Mega Wink’s

Most major dating sites have a way to send your interest to another member without making any sort of commitment or partaking in any actual conversation. On Militarysingles.com the method they use is something they call a Mega Wink – this is just what it sounds like, you send another member a virtual wink which indicates that you’d like to get to know them. In order to use this feature you will have to upload a photo first.

Verifying Information

To verify your identity this site relies on email confirmation. While this may not have the level of security of some sites that allow you to update ID such as your driver’s license or passport, it does allow them a way to confirm that you are a legitimate person with this email address. There are also excellent reporting mechanisms in place if you think another member is abusing the site or is not who they say they are.

Getting Inspiration and Confidence

There will always be people that are more outgoing than others and if you happen to be one of the shyer types you may want to consider using the sites chat room and forums before attempting to communicate with someone one on one. These are a great place to get to know some of the members that use the site and to get a little insight into their personalities to see if they might be someone you be interested in getting closer with.

Benefits of Gold Membership

Probably the biggest benefit of becoming a gold number is the ability to send and read emails. Until you have this ability will always be limited in your communications on the site. If you’re serious about finding the perfect military person for you a gold membership is a must. A gold membership will also remove any ads from the site and give you priority ranking in any searches.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Militarysingles.com has a comprehensive privacy policy which you’ll find the bottom of any page. This policy stresses the site takes your privacy very seriously and reassures you that they will keep your information private. Your financial information is always secure.

The Verdict

Any member of the military knows what it can be like trying to balance your personal life with your professional life – it’s not an easy thing especially when you’re deployed overseas frequent. Fortunately there are people who are very interested in dating members the military and Militarysingles.com is a great place to find them. This is a highly professional dating site with all of the key features you’d expect to site.


Overall Rating