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Review Details of Uniform Dating

There is something about a man or woman in uniform that captures our imagination – it triggers thoughts of the brave ask they commit every day to protect our freedom. For some of us our interest in these men and women goes even further. If you’re one of these individuals and you’d love to find the perfect man or woman in uniform to start a relationship with then Uniformdating.com is a great place to find the relationship of your dreams. This site has a ton of great features for its members and although it hasn’t been around a long time, only beginning operations in 2013, it still boasts a healthy database of users.

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Special Features

  • This site has some excellent features including an extremely professional user interface that actually has the look and feel of the best social media platforms out there. Uniformdating.com also includes a great live chat tool which makes communications with other members simple and it also has a fun unique way of meeting people called Quiz Matching – a sort of dating game that matches you based on profiles and allows you to accept or reject a member.

Membership Details and Basic Features

  • Your basic membership is fairly limited in its scope – it will allow you to receive emails and see the people that are interested in you, but it won’t allow you to reply of them. You can also take a look around and perform simple searches to see the type of members that you could potentially match up with. If you do decide to upgrade to a paid membership you can give it a try based on the three-day trial for a very reasonably priced $2.19, which is a great way to try out the site with very little risk.
  • The basic membership you can also send winks or likes is a way to express your interest in someone and of course you can create a complete profile so that other members can see who your and what you’re interested in.


Basic Membership

A basic membership will also allow you to see anybody that has liked our favorite and you and it will also let you receive emails and message requests the instant they happen. You can also view the full profiles of other members.

Sending Winks

Most major dating sites have their own unique way of allowing you to show interest in another member and Uniformdating.com is no different. This site uses winks as their standard method for allowing members to show interest in other members. There are no extra options with this tool it’s simply a matter of clicking on wink and the other member receives a notification that you sent it to them.

Verifying Information

This is a site that will not let you proceed with your membership until you’ve received and accepted their email verification – this allows them to weed out some curious onlookers. Beyond that they do require any uploaded photos to be an individual portrait of yourself, you can’t include group photos and you can’t include pictures of your pets. There does not appear to be any requirement to upload your driver’s license or passport as proof of who you are.

Getting Inspiration and Confidence

Perhaps the best way that this site can help you with your confidence is by the overwhelming success in meeting someone you’re bound to have. In the first hour after joining the site I received five messages from interested members – that’s a pretty quick turnaround! This site also employs helpful tips and hints boxes throughout the site to give you inspiration. This isn’t something you’ll find on most other dating sites and is quite unique.

Paid Membership Benefits

A paid membership is definitely worth the upgrade. In order to truly participate in two-way communication with other members you have to upgrade, otherwise you’ll only be able to see the people that are trying to get in touch with you without being able to respond. This applies to both emails and live chat sessions.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Uniformdating.com has a full and comprehensive privacy policy page which can be accessed no matter where you are on the site, simply by clicking on the link located at the bottom of any page. In this policy they clearly spell out the type of information they gather from you, and how you can opt out of anything if you so choose. As we’ve mentioned above, they also make it impossible to begin using the site until you’ve confirmed that your email is a real address, which is another step that can help to confirm the legitimacy of other members and hopefully prevent them from abusing the site.

The Verdict

Not only does Uniformdating.com feature an excellent user interface that far exceeds the industry norm, it also makes it easy for you to try this site without making a huge financial commitment. You can certainly try out the site for free, but an even better option is the option to try it out on the three-day of trial for a couple blocks – this is an something you’ll for commonly find on other sites and it’s suggest they really stand behind their product.


Overall Rating