The Steps to Identify Scams When Military Dating

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There has always been a bit of a mystique associated with men and women in uniform – it probably has a lot to do with our admiration for people who put their lives on the line every day. For those of us that truly admire men and women in uniform it’s easy to become lost in the idea of their bravery and to ignore any warning signs our personal intuition may be telling us. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals who choose to use the admiration that most of us have for military men and women for their own personal gain. We’re not suggesting for a minute that you should avoid dating members of the military – just that you should treat this type of relationship with the caution that you would treat any other new relationship. Here are some steps you can take to avoid being involved in a scam military relationship.

1.Ask the Right Questions

This may seem obvious, but you need to always ask the right questions. If someone is really in the military questions about their rank, their unit, and where they’ve been deployed in the past should come easy to them. If they stutter, stall, or become completely evasive when you ask questions about their military service this should be an immediate warning sign. Anyone in any relationship that becomes evasive when you asked the basic questions about their job is probably someone you want to avoid getting too serious with.

2.Never Send Anyone Money That You’ve Met on a Dating Site Only

It’s only common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people are willing to send money to someone they’ve never met before. We all want to fall in love, but don’t be taken for a ride – if someone really finds you interesting they will find a way to get together with you without raiding your bank account. For those that are involved in online relationships with military members this is especially important. These types of relationships often start as long distance relationships due to the deployment of one or more individuals overseas, which makes it easier for unscrupulous individuals to prey on that fact and attempt to scam you. If someone asks you for money there’s a good chance they’re not a legitimate member of the military they’re just trying to take you for every penny they can get – run away!

3.Recognizes When You’re Being Led on

When someone is trying to get something out of a relationship without giving something back, especially an online relationship, they may attempt to string you along as long as possible without ever meeting. If you’ve been corresponding’s with someone for a significant amount of time online, but they continually make excuses for why they can’t meet with you in person it may be time to move on. At some point excuses become just that – excuses. No matter how interested you are in someone eventually an online relationship should lead to a physical relationship.

Allowing yourself to trust someone isn’t a bad thing, but unfortunately there are people out there that will attempt to take advantage of you so it pays to be vigilant. This is a particular problem on military dating sites, due to the potential for scammers to imitate military members and pretend they’re on a long deployment while trying to scam you for money or other reasons. It generally pays to trust your instincts and always keep on the lookout for any warning signs.